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Kristen Vincent

i am smiling

a little backstory

I am a freelance comedy writer and political activist -- your average “unserious person who likes serious things.” Mostly, though, I'm a screenwriter, who, during election years, works to help elect women across the US because it’s not funny if men are the only ones in political office.


  • I have a B.A in Journalism from the College of Charleston

  • I like lasers, Phil Collins, and This American Life

  • I studied Screenwriting at UCLA 

  • I dislike when stewardesses run on airplanes 

  • Some of my favorite movies are: AMERICAN BEAUTY, TOMMY BOY & BULWORTH

  • Most Chinese restaurants have a secret menu, you just have to ask for it

  • I currently live in London with my family and Golden Retriever, Pizza

other writing

Democrats Abroad | Women To Win: Christy Smith (CA-25) - Special Election May 12th

Democrats Abroad | Women To Win: Christy Smith (CA-25) - Special Election May 12th

Our second profile for the Global Women's Caucus "Women to Win" series features Christy Smith, who is running to represent California's...

Democrats Abroad | Women to Win: Lucy McBath (GA-06)

Democrats Abroad | Women to Win: Lucy McBath (GA-06)

Congresswoman Lucy McBath is a retired Delta flight attendant-turned-gun control advocate and Congresswoman for Georgia’s 6th District....

Democrats Abroad | Women To Win: Patricia Ackerman (NV-02)

Democrats Abroad | Women To Win: Patricia Ackerman (NV-02)

"It is time to usher in a new era of governing, one that is guided by empathy and compassion toward every sister and brother and...



An R-Rated comedy that follows a husband and wife to Las Vegas, where they instantly blow their life savings at the blackjack table but are offered a shot at redemption when the husband is offered $50k to have gay sex with a lonely, but frisky casino billionaire.  It was inspired by the “Me Too” era as it swaps the husband as the prostitute and was optioned Summer 2019.


A feature-length comedy about a Police Captain who is so desperate for justice that she lets a jumbled batch of female inmates out of prison to catch a cop-killing drug czar. We follow these misfits as they re-enter society as the ‘good guys’ to hunt down public enemy number one. Currently, this project is being shopped around to buyers.


A feature-length comedy about a self-absorbed, struggling actor who moves to Los Angeles to pursue fame and fortune, but is blinded sided when his dog when  is “discovered” and becomes an instant celebrity. The movie tracks tracks their relationship as they go from man and his best friend to ‘friendly’ show business rivals, and finally enemies hellbent on destroying one another. It’s big, ridiculous fun, and sold to Paramount.

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