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Democrats Abroad | Women To Win: Christy Smith (CA-25) - Special Election May 12th

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

Our second profile for the Global Women's Caucus "Women to Win" series features Christy Smith, who is running to represent California's 25th congressional district in a special election on May 12th.Christy is a 39-year resident of her district and a lifelong public servant. Her career in government began as a policy analyst for the US Department of Education during the Clinton Administration.Her passion for education continued beyond this role and inspired her to found a nonprofit, Valencia Valley Technological Education Foundation, to address the lack of technological resources in Newhall School District. After serving as its chair, Christy ran for Newhall School Board, where she served two terms..

In the blue wave of 2018, Christy was elected to California's State Assembly representing District 38. In a hard-fought race, Christy raised over $2 million dollars and flipped a seat that had been Republican-controlled since 1978. Now, she is seeking a seat in the US House of Representatives for California's 25th District, a seat vacated earlier this year by Democrat Katie Hill.

If you live in her district, VOTE! Overseas voters go to to request your ballot as soon as possible. If faxing your ballot, it must be received by May 12th at 8:00 p.m. (local time). If you're mailing the paper ballot, it must be received by May 15th (within 3 days of the May 12th election). For additional details, visit the California Secretary of States webpage.

What is she fighting for?


As a former education policy expert, member of her local school board, and mother of two, Christy is a tireless advocate for education. She wants to level the playing field for all children to have access to a world class education and opportunity. Once elected, she will work to invest in public classrooms by securing funds to hire more teachers, reduce class sizes and increase teacher pay. After the K-12 years, Christy wants to make sure young people can continue their education without racking up a lifetime of debt. She'll work to increase job training programs, apprenticeships, technical schools, and make public colleges and universities more affordable, ensuring that Californians have every possible chance to succeed. KEEPING OUR FAMILIES AND COMMUNITIES SAFE California's 25th district is home to many first responders -- law enforcement officers, firefighters, nurses and paramedics -- heroes that keep the community safe each and every day, but are also on the front lines addressing the mental health crisis, wildfires and climate change, and now, COVID-19. As Chair of the Joint Legislative Committee on Emergency Management, Christy is committed to delivering for her community and first responders. In Congress, she will continue that work, investing more in public safety so we can continue to reduce emergency response times and improve neighborhood security and get the resources necessary to protect the community and hardworking people on the front lines. MAKING HEALTH CARE MORE AFFORDABLE AND AVAILABLE Christy believes that health care is a human right, and wants to ensure that everyone has access to affordable health care. She will work towards reducing health care costs and protecting those with pre-existing conditions while lowering costs. To achieve this, Christy supports the public option for those who want it. She'll also fight to reduce the cost and transparency of prescription drugs prices, protect Medicaid, Medicare, women's reproductive health care rights, and funding for Planned Parenthood. ADVOCATING FOR WOMEN AND FAMILIES Christy has always been a champion for women and families in every role she's served -- in our schools, at the state capitol and she is now ready to take the fight to Washington D.C. She will stand up for equal pay for equal work, affordable childcare so families can succeed, and she will always fight for a woman's right to choose and stand with Planned Parenthood and other providers to ensure that women have affordable options for reproductive care.

Why her?

Christy is running to represent California's 25th congressional district, a seat flipped blue by Katie Hill in 2018, and vacated earlier this year by Hill. She is running again Republican Navy pilot, Mike Garcia, who is gaining traction among voters in this purple district. Securing this victory would signal a strong Democratic turnout in November 2020, allowing us to retain our House majority. More urgently, if elected, Christy will enter Congress during one of the worst health and financial crises of the past 100 years, and she, unlike her opponent, is uniquely qualified to meet this moment. She is Chair of the Joint Legislative Committee on Emergency Management, and has already been committed to her community throughout this crisis by providing information and resources. She voted to approve bipartisan legislation to relieve citizens burdened by COVID-19, it included $500 million for the State of Emergency declaration; $1 billion at the Governor's discretion, and an additional $100 million to support Local Education Agencies. Christy is committed to working with stakeholders to help small business, individuals and non-profits experiencing economics hardships as a result of COVID-19. She is already steering her community through one of the worst crises in our history, and, if elected, she would go on to expand her efforts in Washington. Her opponent has never served in public office.

How can I support her?

If you would like more information about Christy and her campaign, please see below: Learn More: Donate: visit ActBlue - Christy Smith Volunteer: Follow Christy on: Facebook ChristyForCongress Twitter: ChristyforCA25 Youtube: ChristySmithChannel



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